On-site Massage

Whether you are organising a sporting event, a health & wellness event, or want to treat your staff to a great work perk, on-site massage is for you!

A variety of massage techniques and equipment are used to achieve your goal.

This service is very easy to book:

  1. call Holly to secure your wanted date
  2. help promote the service
  3. on the day, have a room or suitable area available.  All equipment will be provided.

Where we go......

Businesses across Essex


Sporting Events

Health & Wellness Events

“We signed up for a monthly corporate day with Holly just before Christmas and it was one of the best decisions we made. Out of the perks we offer our employees highlight it as their favourite, not only does it provide stress relief for employees (and directors!) but it also allows us to provide sports therapy based services to our employees with recurring injuries or problems. In our industry we can often be sitting in our chairs in bad positions for large periods of a day, to have Holly come in and relieve the tension that is built up is priceless. Ergonomics can only go so far when it comes to bad posture, and whilst we provide the tools for our employees to use to look after their health it’s nice to know that every month Holly will be in to help with any issues that have arose. I can not recommend the services highly enough and I know we will be using Holly every month for the rest of the companies existence.”

AJ Grand-Scrutton, CEO Dlala Studiosdlala

Still not convinced?

To demonstrate our excellent services, we would like to offer FREE 10 minute shoulder and neck massage sessions for a selection of your staff/organisers.

This will also give you chance to ask any questions you may have. Please click on the button below to contact us now for further information.