Since gaining my undergraduate degree in Sports Therapy BSc(hons) in 2008, I have worked with numerous sports teams, a sports college, and private practices.  I have completed post graduate training in acupuncture, myofascial release, pregnancy massage, swedish massage, and Kinesiotaping. Being a keen sports person myself, I understand the disappointment when an injury strikes, which is why I promote a quick but efficient return to optimum fitness.

My husband, Adam, and I have a beautiful daughter, Lana, and are dog parents to a gorgeous Leonberger called Nesta.  I definitely have a busy life with my family and my clinic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

”Flint Sport Therapy provides a professional and affordable service. My numerous aches and pains have vastly diminished since my first visit to Holly.”

Vicky, 33 – Runner, Cyclist, Fell Walker

”Holly is a very professional and bubbly girl with a great personality. When I first came to see her I was very tight and struggling with my sports performance due to being too tight. After just one session I felt a lot better, I noticed a lot of improvement in my sports performance and a lot more flexible.

I would highly recommend Holly to anyone who works out or does sport”

Scott Staines, 33 – football

”I’m currently preparing for an ultramarathon which involves regular training runs in excess of 25 miles. Without regular sports massages from Holly and her attention to the various minor overuse injuries which are part and parcel of distance running, I simply would not be able train at the level required to take part in the event.

Would highly recommend Holly to anyone suffering from aches and pains, sports related or otherwise”

Paul Cole, 39 – Runner, Rugby player

“Hi Holly,
I really did feel good after a session with you. If ever I did feel the need for more treatment I would come back to you, I would recommend that once a fortnight or so after  a workout a visit to you would be good to take away the aches and pains”

Mick Twohig, regular gym user

“I visited Holly after sustaining an injury. I was a little embarrassed but she put me at ease and was extremely knowledgeable.
Treatment was excellent, affordable and very effective.”

Matt Carter, gym user

Holly has been my trusted Therapist for the last 3 years.  I went to her initially with an Achilles strain that other professionals said couldn’t be fixed.  Within 4 weeks I was back training and within 8 weeks back competing. I am an International Martial Artist and represent Team GB in discipline of points fighting.  Holly is a major part of my preparation for all my fights. I have total confidence in her abilities to support me to get physically ready to compete at the highest level.  I have seen many Physio’s through my 30 year career, I can wholeheartedly say, she is the most comprehensive and supportive that I have ever worked with. I can honestly say that I doubt that I would still be competing on an international level, at the age of 46, if it wasn’t for Holly’s personal approach and expertise”

Ms T Morrish, Fighter for UFMC Team GB and UFMC Team GB Elite

When you are training hard for an event, avoiding injury is vital and regular sports massage can play a big part. In my case, Holly found early signs of a tight achilles which we were able to address and keep me on the road. In my experience some therapists work the legs so hard that they then feel worse than beforehand but Holly found just the right balance”

Paul Mingay, Senior World Championship Gold Medalist

‘My name is Charlie and I work as an IT Technician and have done for the past 5 years.  A combination of a desk job, bad posture, and perhaps not warming up properly for weight lifting had led to significant shoulder and neck pain.  Holly gave me a sports massage which relieved a lot of the tightness and stress in my shoulders and neck, and worked out some knots in my upper back that had developed over time.  Holly recommended some warm up tweaks I could make for my weight lifting such as foam rolling and stability exercises, as well as advice for my posture at my work desk, including ensuring to take breaks to move my neck and shoulders.  Thanks to the massages and posture / warming up tweaks my neck and shoulders are the best they have been for a year now.”

Charlie Spiers

”I’ve seen a number of physiotherapists over the years, but since I’ve been to Holly I wouldn’t consider anyone else now.  She is totally professional and gave sound advice; I only needed the one session.  From this she told me what to do to ensure my rotator cuff injury healed effectively.
I’ve not had any pain since and her advice did not include lots of sessions to follow.”

Daren Norman – Sports Coach

”We referred one of our gymnasts to Holly for a full assessment as the gymnast complained of stiffness in the lower back during training.  Holly very quickly provided a rehabilitation programme following gentle massage, to compliment her training.  The gymnast was very quickly back to full fitness after one session and following Holly’s advice, whilst not in the gym.”

Gyrus Olympic Gymnastics Club

”I was treated by Holly on two occasions in regards to my potential sciatica; Holly was very knowledgeable and thoroughly professional throughout the consultation.  She gave me massage that alleviated the pain greatly and was also mindful that it appeared more than just a trapped nerve.  Following her guidance and advice, my pain has been greatly reduced and is more manageable.”